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with the Future of eMobility Charging

Our Mission

To provide affordable recharging infrastructure to EV drivers that’s easy to find and easy to use.

Where Your Need It
When You Need It

With plans for only electric new vehicles by 2035, Charge-nGo is here to help provide reliable and easy to use EV recharging infrastructure that are very easy to locate.  Each plug on our network will include clear set of directions with nearby cross streets and land marks to guide EV drivers to our chargers.  We don’t want or EV drivers wandering around an unfamiliar town trying to locate a plug.

For our commercial customer that want to host EV Chargers we provide the easiest and quickest solution to get get EV Chargers installed at your location.  Hosting EV Chargers at your business location will increase traffic to your location and help grow your business.

Benefits for Your Business

Quick Deployment

In today's world, the biggest question with EV chargers is not do I need one, but how soon can I get them? The Charge-nGo rapid deployment team is ready to help you select the right EV chargers for your location and get them up and running quickly.

Low Out-of-Pocket Expense

With attractive federal and state electric vehicle incentives, tax credits & rebates, now is the perfect time to provide EV charging to your customers. The Charge-nGo team is your guide to maximizing incentives and getting you started at the lowest possible cost.

Increase Traffic to Your Location

It's inevitable that EV drivers will seek our businesses that allow them to recharge while taking care of other tasks. And with recharging taking 30 minutes or more, it's a perfect way to encourage customers to spend more time shopping or having a relaxed meal.

Why Your Customers Will Love Using Charge-nGO

Easy to Find

No wondering around in a strange town looking for an EV Charger. Charge-nGo provides travelers with clear information on how to located our EV Chargers — including GPS coordinates, nearby cross streets, and precise parking lot directions.

Easy to Use

Recharging starts immediately upon completing payment or scanning the QR code in the mobile app. In addition to payment processing, the mobile app provides real-time status for the charging session for extra convenience.

Easy to Pay

Quick and easy payment by taping your credit card on the front of the charger or scanning using the QR code to install and log in to the mobile app.

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